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Growing food in your back yard doesn't need to be so hard. I'll be crashing through the hype, sorting through the latest research, and bringing you my findings: the most effective systems for growing food at home.

Currently Researching: Apple Tree Pruning

If you're like me, you've found pruning to be a confusing topic.

It should be simple, right? Step 1: Pick up the nearest pair of clippers. Step 2: Go out and cut a branch off a tree. Done.

But no, trimming your fruit trees that way is a quick route to less fruit and a sick tree.

But in all the literature I've reviewed, from blog posts to books to ag. extension publications, all I've found are complexity and confusion. Some say this, some say that. I've seen 3 Ds, 4 Ds, even 5 Ds, and among them they could only agree on two of the Ds!

Very few of them even mention the most important fruit tree pruning concepts at all!

Yes, to prune a fruit tree well, you need understand a few important principles. You need to master a few important techniques. But it isn't that hard! And you won't need a black belt in horticulture to do it right!

For my first research project, I'm going to assemble the world of knowledge about pruning fruit trees. I'm whittling it down into the thinnest, sharpest package I can muster.

You need sharp tools for gardening.

Growing food in your back yard doesn't need to be so hard.

I'll crash through the hype, sort through the latest research, and bring you my findings: the sharpest systems for you to grow food at home.

The sharpest tool in your shed will always be the knowledge you carry in your head. Sharpen your mind with my free gardening newsletter.

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